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Enterprise sandboxes via the new Slack Developer Program

Wednesday at Salesforce TrailblazerDX (#TDX24) Slack announced a new Slack Developer Program which you can join here. Naturally, I signed up right away and wanted to quickly share what to expect!

After signing up and logging in, you'll land on your Dashboard tab. The "Start building" card takes you to the intro to the new Slack platform API docs while the "Videos and webinars" takes you to the Events tab -- which contains (you guessed it!) upcoming video and webinar events related to Slack development. Scrolling down reveals more sections, one is "Latest Developer News," which contains links to blog posts while another is the latest "API changelog" updates, with a link to the full changelog.

That all said, the really exciting thing here is the ability to provision an Enterprise Grid sandbox in a few seconds!

After clicking "Provision Sandbox" button, enter a few fields and 💥💥💥 you've got a brand new Enterprise Grid sandbox. It's that easy - really!

On the Sandboxes tab, you can see all your Active sandboxes. You can provision up to 10 sandboxes a month with two active at a time and a sandbox can be active for up to 6 months. Plus, if you click the three dots, you can request to extend that even longer! You now have full admin control over a full Enterprise Grid workspace with full access to all of Slack's paid features. Really great stuff! 👏👏👏

This isn’t a tour of the chocolate factory, this is a set of keys and permission—dare we say insistence—to create something no one’s ever seen before. - From the official announcement



I'm really looking forward to seeing how this initiative unfolds and the direction it takes us. As more people, especially those with less development experience, get involved, I believe we'll see a substantial increase in overall development on the new Slack platform. What's additionally exciting is the introduction of custom functions for Bolt in Python and JavaScript. This means that those who previously couldn't build on the new platform now have the opportunity to create and process workflow steps. All this combined will make it much easier for more people to build their own customized solutions and test them in full feature Slack workspaces. The future is bright. ✨

👉 Join now and stay tuned for more!!

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