🔊 About Us

Working towards the future of work

After working in the Salesforce Consulting SI space for nearly two decades collectively, we decided it was time to pursue something new. 21b runs on Slack internally and we implement it for other companies transitioning to the digital-first future of work. We're here to help change how companies work and function in this new world.


📖 Our Story

Towards the end of 2020, we saw a gap. There were global SIs starting Slack practices and smaller agencies who had a Slack as a line of business -- but not a single company fully focused on Slack and helping customers with it.

✨ And that's why 21b was created.

Since then, we've helped customers on their digital-first Slack journey to creating a Digital HQ and continuously optimizing it for them. We help customers change how they work using Slack and other tools, focusing on asynchronous work by default and remote best practices. Adjusting how they've done business for years to help ensure they are set up for success as we move towards the future of a remote workforce.

And we don't just help customers... we look to grow the workforce as well. Our goal is to create the next generation of consultants, with a superior expertise in Slack and digital-first operations and teams. We find those who are switching careers and help them get into consulting by giving them a foot in the door, training them, and letting them learn on the job. We are building a team.

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