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Supercharge your Slack migration with 21b

Data migrations can be as nerve-wracking as a high-wire act with the ever present risk of losing or compromising company data. The complexity of coordinating a Slack migration, with workspaces, channels, users, apps and downtime fears, can send shivers down even the bravest spines! We're coming from Mattermost, we're coming from Teams, we have 30 random workspaces and we want to migrate to one, how will it work, how long will it take, what does a Slack migration even require!?... that's where 21b comes in! ✔️

Teams to Slack Migration
For example, a Teams to Slack migration

We can help accelerate and manage a migration for you end-to-end to ensure its as painless as possible. Our team of Slack experts will guide the way through each step, while working directly with Slack, so that you don't have to worry - no loss of sleep required! 🎉

What could go wrong?

Migrations are risky business - Several scenarios are possible, including unintentional data loss, corruption of vital information, the risk of data leakage leading to unauthorized access to sensitive data, and concerns about the integrity and accuracy of the data. Even during a Slack-to-Slack migration, meticulous execution of pre and post-migration activities remains crucial to ensure a seamless migration process. Any turbulence during migration could jeopardize the success of the entire Slack launch.

So... who can help?

It's important to note that Slack migration specialists, customer success managers and professional services teams are typically reserved for very large enterprise clients or customers who can afford their not inexpensive services. We step in to bridge the gap, offering the support that Slack may not be able to provide.

21b bridge that gap
21b-ridge the gap

We have experience working with companies of all sizes across all sorts of industries, so no matter the team or budget, we can provide more flexible support as is needed. From small projects lasting weeks to large-scale endeavors involving data import, transformation, and workspace consolidation within an Enterprise Grid. It really all depends on what the needs are and in most cases, the needs are a bit different from company to company.

Proven Migration Experience

M&A is a scenario we frequently encounter in the world of migrations. Often, a parent company finds itself managing numerous companies and teams using various Slack versions/workspaces with no comprehensive approach to Slack -- there may even be rogue workspaces out there! As a result, they approach us with a straightforward question: "Can you help us in centralizing all our separate and disorganized Slack workspaces into a unified Enterprise Grid organization, enabling us to attain complete visibility, security, and a cohesive understanding throughout our entire organization?".

Slack Enterprise Grid
Enterprise Grid

The answer: Yes we can! We recently successfully transformed a company of over 500 employees, across ~5 different workspaces, into a unified Enterprise Grid organization. Technical leadership can now ensure that everyone operates on the same Slack instance, complete with established security controls, enhanced visibility for the IT team. This project involved tackling both pre- and post-migration issues, encompassing tasks related to users, channels, both standard and custom apps, workflows, as well as Slack Connect settings and permissions. Additionally, we managed ongoing communications with teams during the migration process and maintained accessibility through a dedicated #help Slack Connect channel.

With the assistance of 21b, the entire migration process was successfully completed swiftly and seamlessly within a matter of weeks.

Let's Get Started

Data migration does not have to be a headache - at least not with the help of 21b! If the above sounds helpful to you, we're ready as soon as you are!

Reach out to us via contact form or directly at



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