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How The Home Check Company optimized their services business with Salesforce and Slack

In 2022, The Home Check Company had just acquired Salesforce and an independent consultant was helping them get Sales Cloud off the ground. Historically they had suffered from system sprawl from years of running each business across different apps with data being spread across them with no particular singular source of truth or core database of their customers. With all that lead and prospect data going everywhere, it was hard to know if people who reached out to them ever got contacted at all -- they were losing business!

And that's where 21b came in! In this article we'll review a few things we've done to create a single Salesforce CRM database source of truth and utilize a Slack-first approach to lead management and customer engagement.

Single Source of Truth for Customer Data

The consultant had done the initial setup configuration so we took it and ran from there. We were able to set up web-to-lead forms on each of their websites that allowed customers to ask for quotes for specific services (tree trimming, home checks, snow removal, etc.).

Instead of that data going to who knows where (seriously! 😵‍) -- it was now all saved into Salesforce as Lead records. In less than a year of being active, this has allowed them to capture nearly 1,000 inbound quality leads across four different service businesses from their website alone.

Slack-First Lead Management

✨ Here is where the magic happens with Salesforce and Slack.

We set up Slack to have a two types of channels:

  1. Leads - Where leads land after they submit the web form (i.e. #az-turf-leads)

  2. SMS - Where the team can SMS leads directly from Slack (i.e. #sms-az-turf)

Example Channels

Once a lead comes in from the website, we've set up Centro to (at creation) send the lead information from Salesforce to Slack. This allows the team to immediately see a new lead in Slack via a customizable Centro record block like the below example. This provides them with all information they need to get started on qualifying the lead. Note, the web forms on each website have validation on the front-end and we have spam-blocker validation rules on the back-end running as well, so leads that get this far are very rarely spam. This provides the team team more time to work on actual opportunities.

Example Lead Record Block in Slack via Centro

The Status picklist (containing "New" above) can be used to do powerful things here. For example, if "Spam" option is used, a flow runs in Salesforce that deletes the record completely from Salesforce, so the team never has to log in to Salesforce to make sure spam is deleted. We also have it configured that if "Qualified" is selected, the lead is automagically converted to a person account in Salesforce.

✨ We can do a lot thanks to Centro's power, all by users in Slack making a few clicks.

Now once the team confirm the lead is qualified, they can start to get a quote together. This is where the "SMS AZ Tree" button comes in. We set up Clerk Chat so that the agents internally can reply via SMS immediately to those valid leads looking for quotes. It allows the agents to send text message directly from Slack and even get photos directly in Slack -- this way the team can review what the actual request looks like and confirm a quote together.

Once the "SMS AZ Tree" button is clicked, the lead gets a pre-configured welcome text (left image above). The lead can then reply via SMS, and replies are logged in thread (image on the right) with pictures and more information. The entire team internally are in the SMS channels so they can see and reply to the lead instantly. This allows them to swarm on quotes as a team and have shared visibility. They had previously been taking screenshots via individual SMS conversations with customers and sending them to each other in iMessage -- which as you probably know, is not ideal nor searchable long term. Using the Slack approach, all conversations are visible to the entire team and saved in Slack plus connected to leads in Salesforce, so this is all searchable in the future.

And did I mention all of this works across all Slack interfaces - web, mobile and apps for iOS and Windows. So no matter where the team is, at home at a desk or in the field at a job site, they can use this process. ⭐️

Customers First

As you can see, the entire process from a lead landing on their website and submitting a request for a quote to getting a quote has been massively streamlined by this process. Customers who previously either never got contacted, or were contacted hours/days after submitting their request are now contacted within seconds (...literally we've timed it). Plus all the data is saved in Slack and Salesforce for future use as needed. This enables The Home Check Company team to do more with less and swarm as leads come in, which opens the door to more opportunities, contracts and happy customers.

👉 Need something similar? Want us to set this up for you? Reach out to us!



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