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What does Slack-first mean?

You may have heard the term recently and are wondering -- what does this mean? Is there such thing as Slack-last? (😂 I kid).

What is Slack?

To understand what Slack-first means, you first have to be familiar with Slack. Slack is a tool which allows you to have all your people, tools and communication in one place, so you can work faster and more flexibly than ever before.

So what does Slack-first mean?

To utilize Slack as your first and main engagement layer to your team, systems and communications. To use it as the main Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge (yeah, it's an acronym 🤯). To always go to Slack first to do you job.

How can that help our business?

Well, as you may know, many companies struggle with technology sprawl - a term used to describe the proliferation of tech applications in businesses. It can be a challenge to manage and can lead to a loss of efficiency, productivity, and knowledge.

And that is where Slack shines.

Tools & Systems

With Slack, you are able to connect to your tools via (1) out of the box Slack App Directory apps (2) custom bots or applications AND automate processes using their Workflow Builder. Thereby, creating a single UI to access, manipulate and automate many systems easily. This makes Slack the layer in which you engage with the tools -- not each individual tool's website or UI. This means that you go to Slack first to use the tools.

Team & Communication

With no need to go to other apps to interact with your tools and systems, you can ensure your team spends the majority of time in ONE tool -- Slack. This means, by design, your team is having all the related conversations within Slack. This means that you go to Slack first to have conversations about work.

So by investing in a Slack-first approach, businesses can expect to see:

  • 28% faster decision-making

  • 24% faster to reach full employee productivity

  • 30% less email usage

  • 28% faster response & resolution times

  • 29% time saved with process automation

Great! So how do we get started creating a Slack-first experience?

Well I'm happy you asked as we are here to help you get this done! Check out our Services for more information or Contact Us for chat about what we can do to help you.



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