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🛸 Slack Consulting at Warp Speed: Leaving Others in the Dust

If you've had previous encounters with IT consultants, you might be familiar with the frustratingly sluggish 🐌 , sometimes disorganized, and purposefully overly complex nature of their processes and methodologies -- designed to make your project as long, painful and expensive as possible. Whether it's attempting a first point of contact, their sales procedures, project rituals (around agile, scrum, waterfall), meetings, or timelines -- it often feels like projects drag on endlessly, taking forever to kick off, complete, and often blow budgets - ouch! 🤕 Change order anyone?!?

Now, imagine receiving assistance for your Slack projects without the usual consulting chaos, complication or annoyance. At 21b our core values include simplicity and efficiency and just like Salesforce, we combine the power of Slack with a Slack-first strategy for sales and project execution to maximize productivity and move your project forward at astonishing speed. This refreshing acceleration is made possible by integrating Salesforce and Slack and streamlining numerous tasks through Slack automation and core features.

If you're looking for help... give it a try! You can submit a lead on our website or send a message to In minutes, you'll become a lead in our Salesforce, and a corresponding Slack channel will be created for us to kickstart the sales process. Once we confirm the opportunity, the channel is renamed to signal it is now an opportunity and additional data is posted from Salesforce.

As we move forward through the process, this single channel remains our central hub for recording essential updates, meetings, and both project and customer information. In many cases, if a team looking to work with us is already on Slack, we'll use Slack Connect for direct communication, making the sales cycle even faster -- we are talking days! This enables us to collaborate on the sale, share documents, and answer questions asynchronously, expediting deals significantly.

Once we have a signed Statement of Work (SoW), we consider it closed won and automation takes over again, archiving the sales channel and creating a project channel while adding necessary details and people to it. Now powerful Slack workflows assist with project kickoffs and weekly updates, while Slack canvas templates accelerate our delivery. Plus, we'll soon be incorporating Slack lists, further enhancing our kanban-style efficiency, all within the Slack platform. Not to mention also leveraging workflows to close out projects in a structured and automated way. This translates to everyone involved being able to dedicate more of their time to the actual work, rather than being tied up in unnecessary meetings and prolonged delivery cycles meant to bill more -- meaning it will also save you time and money.

When it comes to Slack expertise and delivering work on Slack for Slack at warp speed, we're the leaders in the field. Han Solo knows the vibe...



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