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♻️ Slack training built in Slack via Slack Workflow Builder

✨ Slack•cep•tion ✨ noun 1. Using Slack Workflow Builder to automate Slack training within the Slack platform.

For maximum effectiveness and return on investment, it is crucial to ensure that your team is proficient in Slack, both in general and specific to your company and team. This involves empowering all users (end users, administrators and champions) to achieve this goal. And what better way to do this than directly in Slack? ✨

Earlier this year, Christina Meng, one of the community leaders of the Slack Global Champion Network, shared a productivity hacks workflow created by Slack intended to help train Slack functionality from within Slack 🤯. Designed as a fun and creative workflow that helps boost Slack productivity, it's an interactive game where you get productivity tips, complete challenges, and then reach the "Productivity Peak". All of the training stays directly in Slackbot and the user is left on the final step with a list of helpful links for reference.

Download ZIP • 7KB

👀 Try it out yourself - Unzip and import the file into your workspace via workflow builder and drop it in a test channel.

If you cannot set this up for your Slack check out a quick video walkthrough of the admin configuration and end-user experience.

✨ Pretty neat huh? Note this training workflow is for core Slack functionality. Anything specific to your Slack (i.e. Channels, etiquette, policies, apps, integrations, business processes, etc..) would require additional steps which you could easily add to this workflow as steps. The objective being that individuals who complete the workflow have a full understanding of both (1) the general core functionality of Slack and (2) the specific usage of Slack within the company and team.

See our article on ⏰ Save time with automated onboarding via Slack for more of what's possible!

This amazing and completely free resource from Slack will undoubtedly help your team. The better you train your team, the more effectively they will utilize Slack and feel confident in doing so, leading to improved team performance.


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